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Hollister UK

Abercrombie & Fitch Co. opened a new outlet Hollister at the mall Valecenter, bringing the Californian Hollister UK style Marcon, in the province of Venezia.La party will begin in the early hours of the morning Hollister Outlet, when, at 09:00, the fantastic lifeguards Hollister will open the doors of the new store. All those who will not be present, will follow minute by minute all the day's Hollister UK events on the Facebook page of Hollister: facebook.com.


Campi Bisenzio Hollister, August 18, 2012 - There were more than 400, mostly young, many accompanied by Hollister UK their parents and relatives, waiting in the queue since 7.30 they opened the doors of the new Hollister Co. store at the mall in Corte Round LILIES. A long wait but that Hollister UK 8.30 has been transformed into a lively performance by Hollister Outlet two "hottiest lifeguards" (lifeguards really cool) Hollister who played with the boys waiting for then indulge in the ritual pictures in the company of girls sighing in front of 'entrance of the store. Hollister (1049 stores worldwide) markets a line of Hollister UK casual and sportswear characteristic of an environment within Hollister Outlet Southern California style "disco" Hollister.


 Although Hollister in Germany entirely on advertising waived-no ads, no posters, not even Internet Hollister UK advertising is the store in Frankfurt crowded. Teenagers jostle Hollister Outlet through the dark, somewhat disreputable-looking Hollister business with the specially staged Hollister UK lighting and the distinctive scent in search of the latest trends. Although the store looks uninviting Hollister, long queues form at the checkout, while the shops Hollister UK are next door largely empty. What determines the success Hollister UK and the attraction of the shop, it is difficult to explain, but the concept works Hollister Outlet. Young people want fashion from Hollister.


Hollister is known as the brand of the rich and Coolen and even the CEO admits that the Hollister UK target group of these children, so a leader in schools and clubs are accurate Hollister UK. According to the motto "Tell me what brand you are Hollister Outlet wearing, and I'll tell you who you are" not sold Hollister just clothes, but an image Hollister UK. Clothing should be an expression Hollister of freedom and individuality, an attitude thing up. Even before the opening of shops in Europe Hollister European demand was large, so that 40 percent of all online Hollister UK orders already went to Europe and that despite high shipping costs.